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Harry Clements-ShepherdBelow are just a few of the hundreds of endorsements that we have from well satisfied English Explorer graduates of our Professional TESOL Certificate who are travelling and teaching around the world right now. Why not train with us and join them? Remember that we give you a money back guarantee of finding a posting. See our website for details and also to enrol. Remember when enrolling and paying on line, that you must complete ALL of the boxes. Allow us five working days after enrolment to clear your payment and process your passwords etc. I look forwards to welcoming you to our EE Learning Family, where we are always here to support you, even after graduation.

H. J. Clements-Shepherd. (CA. Dr. S.) CEO.

See also the informal personal statement from Harry, at the end of this document, about the values of EE as a global company.



Thank you Harry and all at EE;

Wow I am so excited. This is my certificate to travel and more importantly assist the poorer children attain English speaking skills. I plan to volunteer throughout Asia and teach children in orphanages.

I appreciate your patience in me in finishing this course and hope to make some good of it.

I haven't yet contacted your friend in Kathmandu as of yet but will do soon once I know when I am to start this adventure.

Thanks again


Hi Harry, my thanks to you and the EE team you are all awesome!!

I have been teaching for over six years now

in Australia and want to head out into less affluent societies. I am so very pleased to have completed your excellent course, it is well thought out, logical and the support has been terrific. I have hung my new credentials in my classroom and ‘show them off’ at any opportunity.

Again my thanks and I have to say for the first time studying has been non threatening due to it being about reaching proficiency not passing exams.

Cheers mate

Hi Harry,

About three months ago I applied for an English-teaching job, I included in my CV English Explorer TESOL Advanced Certificate and I got accepted. I started work the following week after I applied. Now that I have my TESOL Diploma, I'm going to update my CV and report it to my employer.
I'm glad I took this TESOL with you. The lessons that I learned have helped me in my teaching.
I also took Lesley's advice and am working harder than before on my grammar now.


Dear Harry

Thanks to your organisation I have completed a one-year contract in Fujian Province, China.

It was an amazing and wonderful experience thanks to you.

I am keen to continue with teaching overseas. Can you and your organisation assist?

Futher, for your information, I was employed as a Teacher in Seoul, South Korea during August 2005-August 2006. And, thanks to your organisation, I also completed a one- year contract in Fujian Province, China.

Looking forward to your email.

Kind regards
(Broadway, Sydney)

From: XXXXX@hotmail.com
To: XXXXXX@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Enquiries

From Colin and Leonie

Colin and Leonie

Hi XXXX, lovely to hear from you, so your planning on coming to China to teach, when do you intend coming?

It is a wonderful experience, this school is very good and provide many extras that we have heard are not offered at other schools. Most of the teachers are aged fron early twenties through to mid thirties, not counting me and Colin, compared to the rest we are right off the richter scale, but we get included in all activities and feel terrific about being here as the life style is great.

Have you done any travel at all through Asia, if not it may take a little adjusting to the food and a few customs but it is pretty well developed and quite modern, with most items you need available here.

Most of the teachers are contracted to work 100 hours a month about 25 per week, so far Colin and myself and most of the other teachers dont work that much at all, however you still get paid for the 100 hours, the most I have worked is 92 hours and Colin averages about 70 a month, if you get adult teaching that is in the evenings for 2 hours, maybe wednesday, thursday or friday nights, then everyone works 8 hours saturday and about 6 - 8 on sunday and these are all childrens classes.

It just takes a litlle time to adjust, mainly your thinking, once you accept it as this is the way it is, then you tend to cope a bit better. The school is located in the city centre and there is a gym in the same building that you will have full membership to, its great fully equipped with weight machines of all sorts, they have aerobic classes almost daily, dance classes and bellydancing classes and Yoga, they are open 7 days a week from 8.00am to 11.00pm.

The accomodation is very good, we have been to several of the teachers apartments and all are modern in security buildings with decent furnishings, ours is great, one of the largest of all, but the outside of ours is a bit grotty, but we are very happy here, all the neighbours although cant speak english are very friendly and greet us when they see us. we have never felt unsafe since we have been here and have not witnessed or heard of any problems with theft or any other issues.

There is plenty of time to travel and see the country, only problem is that when we get time off so does the rest of China, so it can be a little overwhelming with the crowds. For the three day xmas break we are flying to Hai Nan island for the 4 days its only an hour flight, so there is huge opportunities to see heaps, two of the other teachers went to Macau this morning on the bus, so if you are alone there is plenty of teachers to go out with and do things. Most will let everyone know what there planning and anyone can jion in these trips, so you will certainly never feel isolated or lonely.

The best advice we can offer is -PACK YOUR BAGS AND COME ON OVER, the experience will be priceless.

hope this has been of some help, and please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with, if there is anything specific you want us to clarify for you just let us know.

PS, give that Joel and Sarah a big hug from us.

regards Leonie & Colin

Thanks Harry. It's been a pleasure. I will encourage anyone who is interested to sign up with English Explorer for sure.

At the moment I teach 2 students on Monday nights and 3 others on Friday nights for personal experience. I'm enjoying it so much I can't wait until I go overseas. Planning to leave late this year and start fresh in Japan early next year. Just saving up a lot of money before I go.

How did your trip go in China? Hope it was good

Anyways you take it easy and I'll chat with you later.


Dear Harry

Thank you for the Certificate and letter of reference. I appreciate your speedy reaction! I appreciate the fact that I can always revisit the course content - that could come in very handy!

I have enjoyed the course and will recommend it to anyone who might be interested.

Best wishes
Ronel Schwartz (Johanna)

Dear Harry

My university has rules that prevent me from �officially� endorsing your company. Having said that let me go on to say that I have been involved in many training activities and I rate your organization as one of the most professional I have enrolled with and your course work is both stimulating and entertaining. As a fellow �teacher� I know that these latter attributes rarely exist, yet they are so essential for learning! Congratulations to your course writers!

I am excited to hear that you are moving towards both Advanced Certificate as well as Diploma qualifications and I wish to be kept informed as I will quite definitely enroll with you for your diploma course. I will arrange for the transfer of funds to take place this week to confirm my placement.

Name withheld.
University Lecturer


To English Explorer staff and students, Dear Harry and Alan, I have embarked on a wonderful adventure. The people in Foshan are very friendly and in general treat me like a celebrity.
I have been given three nicknames already, the president, the diplomat and the C.E.O. The students here are exceptionally eager to learn, although 15-16 y.o. are reluctant to speak, it can be like pulling teeth.
Eating here is a huge learning curve. Am practising eating with chopsticks on peanuts. It is literally cheaper to eat out, than cook for myself,[ I'm in heaven,]. Have eaten frog[toad], large intestine of beef or pork, and several other things my hosts seemed unwilling to divulge [very tasty], and I have developed a real liking for Chinese dumplings.

And finally a piece of advice for any students considering the E.S.L. experience, do it, do it now!

Regards Max

Lingdong has openings for several teachers. They pay well, have great facilities and more to the point, their Australian and American staff speak highly of them. Are you interested in applying? Then get qualified soon. Enrol to commence TESOL now.


Loren XXXXX here. I am handing in my two lesson plans as part of the 'ee' course. I am getting married on Sunday and leave next Wednesday (4th April) I hope all is as it should be. I would like to ask for a prompt reply and process of my certificate as I will require it to start work in Paris very very soon. I hope this is okay and if you need to contact me regarding any issues please do: 0400 xxx xxx. We have moved and our new address before we leave is xx Stitfold Promenade,

Thanks very much for all the help, the course was great.

Loren Johnson
0400 xxxx xxxxx


At this point I am sold on your establishment, credentials and absolute professionalism! I just have one thing to say. THANK YOU!

George [USA]

Hi Harry,

Thanks for your email. My address here in Germany is: XXXXXXXXX

Despite being in the middle of the school year I have had no trouble finding jobs here at all - I sent off heaps of resumes and within 3 weeks had signed 2 contracts for freelance work, and have more interviews this week. Being able to speak German has definitely been an advantage as most of the school directors are German, though they speak fluent English. I`ve already gone over the handouts from the workshop and used some of the ideas for my lesson planning this week! So they`ve definitely come in handy.


Hi Harry,

I've been in Poland 2 days now and am loving it.

I hope the following helps show the benefits from doing a TESOL course with English Explorer.

Thanks again,
Keren Beadle

"Why I chose and now seriously recommend English Explorer to intending students who want a truly Professional TESOL Certification.

I'd been teaching English on Summer camps in Poland and was offered a position teaching at an English school in Wroclaw, Poland. So that I'd have further credibility they asked me to complete a TESOL course.

I chose English Explorer as it fitted in around me working full time.

What I learned from English Explorer will definitely make me a better teacher. The internet based study provided a lot of new information. Added to this was the really unique opportunity through English Explorer that allowed me to put into practise in real classrooms with real students what I'd learned and overcome some of my fears about teaching. English Explorer also provided the opportunity for me to spend time working with experienced teachers, teaching English to migrants. English Explorer are the only TESOL training provider that offer regular, twice weekly, real classroom teaching experiences for their students, unfortunately this is only available in WA. However because they are so involved in practical teaching, their training is based on real experience and is constantly updated. I cant speak too highly of their professionalism and real care. The techniques taught are as varied as students and cultures themselves will be when you get out there yourself. Great preparation!

The reason I would recommend English Explorer is not only for the extra credibility having the TESOL certificate brings and the hands on approach but also for the students who will benefit from learning English in an interactive and fun way through English Explorer. I now have a new career and a bright financial future as a TESOL accredited teacher".


To: Harry
Subject: Greetings from Germany


I thought I�d just send you a quick note to let you know of my current happenings, post TESOL course! I am working in Germany teaching business English to adults for a firm called EUROlingua. I am in a town called Magdeburg, which is south of Berlin.

I have been very busy so far, not so much with teaching but settling in, finding an apartment, registering etc and dealing with all of the wonderful German �bureaucrazy� But now after my first month here I have finally settled in and things are starting to go very well. The work has been interesting and quite a change from the high school teaching that I am more familiar with, however I am certainly able to use the pedagogical training in planning my lessons. The school here provides all resources which is good and bad, they don�t like it when we use our own resources. They also provide dual language vocab lists for the students which I do not always think is the best option (especially when the odd word has been incorrectly translated)

My usual teaching day sees me travelling to the workplaces of my students (sometimes an hour away on the train followed by a good half hour walk! Not surprisingly I have since dropped a dress size) and teaching classes for usually an hour and a half. We rarely teach in the school rooms which are based in the town.

The students vary in ability from total beginner to upper intermediate-advanced. The class sizes are from 1-6 students.

Anyway early start tomorrow teaching out at Barleben (half hour on the bus out of Magdeburg) tomorrow rather early so best get my beauty sleep.

Well I hope that EE is going well and a BIG thanks to you all!!



Hi Harry

We are working at Nanjing Foreign Language School. We live at the main school in Nanjing and catch a school bus for half hour to the Xinlin branch. My roster is great because four out of five days my classes are finished by midday. I'm considering taking up some classes at a language school for adults in the evenings to broaden my experience. The little ones are very cute and, most of the time, I really enjoy it. I've been advised by the school that my job is to practice the vocab that the students already know by playing games. The Chinese, English teachers are teaching the new stuff each week. I have been provided with the book they are teaching from for last term and this term, and can plan my lessons from that.

Last week (my first week) I played duck, duck, goose but changed it to 1,2,3,duck so they could practice numbers and run around outside. Then we played games with cards I had made up with pictures of a dress, shoes, sweets (and other words they had just learnt). Game was okay but didn't involve all the students so they were getting bored. This week we are playing "What am I?" charades of small animals because they have just learnt them. Then I get them to draw small animals. I walk around the class and ask them questions about their pictures; what is this?/how many bees?/this is a big bee and this one is ......../this is a father bee and this one is ......(mother/baby), etc. Pretty bee, cute rabbit, etc. Find this works well because they are so busy drawing that I can speak to them individually and not be interrupted. Wish I could do it every week!!! But I have to come up with more games. We have lots of support from other foreign and Chinese teachers. We have been provided with loads of books, props, cards, website resources and software to use for our lessons. It is going very well in that regard. We have more than we have time to look through at the moment (so I think no need for you to post the picture dictionary at this stage but thank you for the offer).

We have signed a contract with the school for one term (four months). Happy with the pay, Wayne gets more than I though � sexist? ( no ---because he has a degree) and considering the package (school has given us a laptop each for school work, support, they are arranging visas, comfortable accommodation, etc) and the hours (I only have 14 lessons per week and Wayne has 16 lessons of 40 mins each) we are very happy.

I would say my biggest challenge is coming up with suitable games that can involve everyone, be challenging (they have been a little too easy so far) and games that I can explain how to play in simple English.!!!!

I have definitely improved since my first day last Tuesday and I am continually trying new ways. We are excited that TESOL has opened doors for us to travel and work in countries where we previously could not work because of the language barrier. Now the language barrier works to our advantage. Our plan after China is to be tourists in Japan and New York and then to seek work in Buenos Aires. Who knows after that!

Thanks for your continued support. We will send more photos shortly, just the Panda for now .


Hi Harry

Thanks so much for letting me know - really appreciate the personal attention I have received from you and Alan during the course.

Will try to put something together for EE - have some suggestions for finding work in Paris too which may help you guys to guide others who want to go in that direction.

When i get there and have actually started working I will put it all together and send it off to you!

I'm very much hoping not to have to eat pigeons if it comes down to it at least i know where i can get a meal ;-)

Take care


Margaret Phelps

Thanks Harry

Chinese new year last night was very exciting. The people working at the hostel invited us to have dinner with them, and like you said, the food was fantastic. They also explained to us what new years was all about, and why they let off firecrackers (which we did as well). They also opened the bar for us, and we all played a Chinese drinking game with dice.

We are in Nanjing now (about 3 hours east of Shanghai), so if you come over this way make sure you let us know. Hangzhou, just south of Shanghai was also fantastic if you get the chance.

We are going through the job selection process now, and have had a few offers, but not exactly what we are after. What is your opinion of the conditions and pay structures we should ask for, based on your experience?

Thanks also for getting us through the TESOL course it will open doors for us for the rest of our lives!


Hi Harry

Thank you for your swift reply, good to hear from you again. I have been in the UK for the past 6 months working and saving the pennies for my next trip abroad, starting in Thailand and hoping to make it over to China for some teaching if all goes to plan...

Thanks again for the info
Take care

English Explorer�s very first graduate, way back when and yes we still keep in touch with him!

Thank you Harry,

I really appreciate what the course has offered and how you answered my query about test results.

I hope to write to you about some experiences I have teaching English in the future.

Best regards,

Dear Harry Clements-Shepherd.

Now we are back from Asia after about a month of experiences. We survived a fire, all the tricks and food. It was lots of fun as well, but after a while we were very pleased being born in Europe. We are so thank full for all your help at Macau in December - you were a lifesaver - it was no troubles at all with the cab and we did catch the flight. To meet kind people is always a good reminder, that the world is not all selfish and that we still are able to help each other. Thank you for that reminder.

Take care.

Yours sincerly,

Anne (Germany) & Nadja (Denmark)

[I attatched a picture from our pickupride from Pursat to Pramoy, Cambodia.]

Below: I just had to slip this in, two of our graduates got to a Panda Hospital and Nursery near Shanghai. This is just one of the many really cute shots that they sent to us. Yes we are happy for you to copy it.


We also strive to have a warm and friendly relationship with our graduates. We strive to help you accomplish your TESOL goals, for your success is also our success. Our best advertisement is your word of mouth.

I have been asked often, why we are so affordable. It�s simple really, we have a commitment to make the world a better place. We do this by giving generously both with $ and also by enabling YOU to go out and teach. The more affordable we are, then the more TESOL Teachers we get out there teaching English.

I tell this story very often of the little Mexican boy, who based his business on just three words of English. �Shoe Shine Mister?� What empowerment, he could raise money and help his family. What are you doing to help the world? Come and join us in our journey of TESOL, its rewarding and its FUN!

Thank you for reading these endorsements through. We are proud of what we do to help others in less privileged circumstances, by providing TESOL qualified graduates and also proud of what our graduates say about their experiences with us and beyond.

CEO of English Explorer Pty Ltd.

“I really enjoyed the course content and the back up from your team was great. I am teaching an English Second Language class at secondary school and have placed my framed certificate on the wall with pride.

Kind regards

Lee E******** ”

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